The Spring Dust Off 2022

Our first meet up & ride is this weekend. While I am sure we will be dusting off for quite a while, this event is intended to get you started. IHas your battery been on a tender all winter? Checked or changed your oil? How about your tires, are they as bald as mine are? Well, get busy! The past few years we have been limited by Covid issues. It is hard to plan a ride to place that may not be open, after all. This year we will try to do some more ambitious rides. The weather looks “cool” but if it is not raining, we will be there at our usual spot, Town Bagel in Plainview. Thats at 1133 Old Country Road in Plainview.

Scoot On… Marbles Mahoney

A Scooter is a Motorcycle… A Motorcycle is not a Scooter.

So many people are confused. The different variety of two wheeled vehicles we see lately certainly does not help with that confusion. The term “Scooter” gets kicked around the most being in between things like Motorcyles and Mopeds. This article will try to sort it all for you. I am your host, Marbles Mahoney. President & Founder of The Hornets Scooter Club (est. 1999). I have been riding Scooters & Motorcycles for a long time or & been around for 60 years so far…

We will get the whole “Moped” question thing taken care of first. If it has PEDals and a MOtor, it is a MoPED. That is all, no further discussion needed, you can thank me later. I know that your State government (and mine) can classify your Scooter as a Moped regardless of it has pedals or not. This only applies to Scooters with Motors the same size and performance as a Moped. Usually 50cc or less, sometimes 49cc. This makes it easier for them to classify your machine by your limited speed. It also is easier for you to realize where your place is on the road. Stay out the way of Traffic, you are considered a hazard to them and usually they are right. Not all 50cc bikes are incapable, but it is the speed that is actually capable of that usually determines whatever classification, your Country, State or City decides it is.

Moving right along, let us get to the nitty gritty here. What is a Scooter anyways? First of all we are talking about Motor Scooters today, not anything you push to provide power.

Definition of motor scooter

Mr. Webster keeps it simple…

a 2- or 3-wheeled motorized vehicle that has a low seat and a bottom platform for resting the feet.

Lets see what Google says…

a light two-wheeled open motor vehicle on which the driver sits over an enclosed engine with legs together and feet resting on a floorboard.

Wikipedia says it best…

scooter or motor scooter is a motorcycle with an underbone or step-through frame and a platform for the rider’s feet, emphasizing comfort and fuel economy

Now, lets splain out for yous guys…

All those definition mention a place for resting the feet on a platform sometimes referred to as a floorboard. They are not talking about Pegs or individual Floorboards either, so do not get silly on me by saying your Harley has Floorbords. Plural, “Floorboards”. Sorry, that does not count.

The plot thickens with the frame. Here is where the difference become obvious. Above is a mention of a “Step Thru Frame”. Similar to a Ladies Bicycle. It lets you pass your legs from side to side to get on and off. This leaves a large open area or cockpit for the rider. Unlike a Motorcycle where you get on and off by lifting a leg over the whole machine, kinda like a horse. This large open area is where a Motorcycles engine is. Simply look between your legs, what do you see? Do you see a gas tank, a frame or a motor? Guess what? You are on a Motorcycle! Do you see your feet> Guess what? You are on a Scooter! I do not want to discuss what else is between your legs, thank you…

When riding a Motorcycle you straddle the engine and place your feet on individual pegs or floorboads. You “sit” on a Scooter, you “get on” a Motorcycle. This single feature settles what is and is not a scooter once you get all the government descriptions off the table, and they are. This article is based on reality after all and so is your author.

The Aprilia Mana is just one of many Motorcycles with an Automatic Transmission. It doesnt not have a Step Thru Frame or Floorboard either. Just like a Honda Grom or Navi…

Another thing to speak about is Transmissions. An Automatic Transmission does not a Scooter make. Automatic Motorcycles have been around a long time. Just because it has an Automatic or a CVT (Continually Variable Transmission) it is not a Scooter by default.

Mini Bikes, Pocket Bikes, Groms and other Small Motorcycles are just that. Small Motorcycles. I know many want to jazz up our classification of “Scooter” by including them. Despite their many similarities, the basic facts described above excludes them from being called a Scooter. Denial of the facts is described as ignorance. Please do not make me write an article about that. LOL. All of these bikes are welcome to come ride with the Hornets. I hope this helps settle things for ya.

Scoot On… Marbles Mahoney

So, what is it about a Vespa?

So, what is it about a Vespa?

The subject came up the other day at our weekly meeting called “The Sunday Swarm”. I think it is a subject that needs to be broadened a little bit beyond the Bagel Shop we meet at it. To simply say it is a quality product of a luxury brand sounds like marketing speak to me. Lord knows the Vespa side of things gets enough of that. So, what is it? First we will start off with the whole “Metal Body” thing. The whole thing is based on a one piece shell (frame) that is actually made up a few welded sections. In the automotive world, this would be called “Unibody”. It makes for a very strong basis for a vehicle and it also simplifies construction. This applies to all the Scooters with the Vespa name to this day. The modern Vespas are just as strong as the classic models. While the Classic/Vintage marvels are a marvel of simplicity, the modern models have modernized tremendously, but not gone too far over the top with electronics, maybe….

A Classic Vespa PX Frame

The most obvious difference between a Modern and classic Vespa is the transmission. All Moderns are Automatic, all Classics are 4 Speed Hand Shift with a Clutch. The Automatic made the Vespa more user friendly. It is what they call a “Twist N’ Go”. However it is not a Vespa invention or innovation. It is however something that Vespa made their own. Automatic Scooters are very common, but putting one on such a well known brand, meant it had to be a great one. It is, while these things to get trashed often, the Vespas reputation for reliability is well earned.

A Modern & Classic Sei Giorni model

Then we have really cool and modern 4-Stroke engines to mention. No more mixing 2-Stroke Oil in your Gas. You are not getting a run of the mill (no offence) GY6 Default motor of Asian origin (not that there is anything wrong with that) – you are getting a high quality high performance engine that are motors are built for Vespas, exclusively. They may cost more, but it also lasts. These high tech marvels are also responsible for upwards of 100 MPG. I can personally attest to that. I have also seen the speedometer hit 65 MPH.

Vespas are only sold as Vespas too, there is no low ball or cheap model. It is either a Vespa, made by Piaggio or it is not. A common GY6 Scooter could be a 1/4 of the price, but you might be hard pressed to know who actually manufactured it. That can be advantage, however having the ability to source parts from many manufactures, but you give up a whole lot of quality and reputation. It is quite a step up from a typical Scooter. After all as stated before, it is a “Luxury” brand. The biggest luxury is the quality it exudes. There are many wonderful and quality built Scooters but none match the iconic design of the Vespa. The paint, the fit and finish all scream quality. I am obviously hooked, but I have owned many different brands and types of Scooters. My affection for them comes from experience as much as it comes from the heart. Perhaps that is the difference, it is a Scooter that can add to both.
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The President’s 2019 Primavera…

New Year’s Message…

The past 2 years have been fun but trying. The Covid has made everything harder. Our desire to ride however seems impervious to the Virus. Since last year when I restarted the Pizza Swarm as the “Socially Distant Pizza Night”, I have made a commitment to keep the club going. After 20 years, I was ready to retire to be honest. My Scooters were broken, and so was I. A lot has changed for me and for the better. A year ago to the day, I devised a plan to buy a new Vespa. This was more than just something to have, but it was something that was needed if I was to properly lead this club through these hard times. I needed to properly lead myself out of a powerful depression that took hold of me as well. Well, “Vespa Therapy” worked for both me and the club. 3000 miles of it cleared out my head and put us back out on the road for sure. We had great attendance on Sundays to ride and so many came out to our Pizza Swarm that I am going to keep that up thru the winter. Stay tuned however to this website for updates. Now, we go into our 23rd year. Our history has been dramatic, infamous and well documented. We still stand for friendship, fun and adventure. We are still as open a club as we first started and of that I am most proud. Everyone is welcome, is our way, to this day. I am committed to keeping things fun and active during the winter months. We will still meet as usual when the weather permits, but I have some events planned to keep us together without our Scooters. Again, stay tuned and… Scoot On. Mm

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11 years ago…

Studio De @ngelo

As Marbles Mahoney, I am known for many things. My Music, the Cars and my Art. However it is my Scootering that I am best known for. Here is a Video made by The Long Island Press to celebrate my Scooter Club, The Hornets, made 11 years ago. We are still scootering. We still meet every week and I have no intention of stopping. This summer along I racked up 3000+ miles on my 2019 Vespa that I bought in March of this year. The people in my club are like my family and I want everyone to know how grateful I am for every year we keep trying to…

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The Last Pizza Swarm…

The Last Pizza Swarm…

Tonight will be our final Pizza Swarm of the year. It has been an epic year for us. As we enter our 22nd year of Scootering on Long Island it is important to note that is not just Scooters, or even Pizza that brings us together. It is friendship. I started this club to gain friends and ended up with a family. Just my luck that this club ended up being one of my greatest projects ever. LOL. Join me and my family of crazy, interesting and dedicated Scooterist for one last slice of 2021. We will be at DiRaimo Pizza, @ 76 Wall Street in Huntington at around 7pm. Thank you all for another wonderful year.

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Our New Online Home.

As you may or may not know, I have been in Facebook Jail for about a month now. What you also may not know is that our Pages and our Private Group gas been restricted as well. Even our sister group, The Long Vespa Club has been restricted. These Restrictions limit the amount of sharing we can do and our exposure on FB as well. We use Facebook to advertise our events and try to get new members. As soon as I can, I will continue to do this but all messages will originate from this website/Blog from now on. This site is paid for by me and is not venerable to Facebooks robots, censorship and algorithms. I highly suggest subscribing to this blog to stay informed. Your email address is secure and will not be sold or used in any other way except to update you. You can turn those updates off too. This site will remain free, but you will have to sign in to comment, just like any other social media site. The Facebook pages will be our public face and will stay active as long as possible. Please enter your email address below… Scoot On… Mm

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