A Brief History Of The Hornets…

While it is true that we started in 1999, it took a while for the swarm to start swarming. Starting at The Bellmore RR Station on Friday nights, I started to gather up Scooterists in the area. After 2 years of Advertising in Newspapers and Scooter Magazines, somebody showed up and the riding started. AfterContinue reading “A Brief History Of The Hornets…”

The Buzz. #1

“All The News That’s Fit To Get Buzzed Over “7.11.2022 | Number 1 | Volume 1 Welcome.This is the first issue of our Newsletter. This Blog will attempt to sum up the week’s news & upcoming events and make things easier to follow for us all. All official announcements will come from this Website fromContinue reading “The Buzz. #1”

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